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HUGging Reyan at Queen Mary Hospital in Hong Kong then at home

by A. Vithlani (mother)
Introducing, our son Reyan Vithlani, who is a big fan of the Zaky HUG! Reyan was born on Nov 25, 2019 in Hong Kong and spent the first 26 days in NICU. The HUG is given to all the Premie babies at Queen Mary Hospital. Queen Mary is a public hospital. 
From our perspective The Zaky HUG has been a godsend for Reyan, both while in NICU and at home. Additionally, once we received it at home, he sleeps so well. We use it all day every day!
We were so grateful that it was given to Reyan as we were only allowed to visit him during visiting hours.
The Zaky HUG gave him all that we couldn’t when he was in NICU. We will be eternally grateful that Reyan was able to feel the comfort of mum and dad while he was an inpatient. I am sure we will use the HUG for many years to come !
Thank you! 
The Zaky HUG
The Zaky HUG
The Zaky HUG