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HUGging Liam in 2013 - Ohio

Thank you so much for letting me share my Zaky story with you. I've attached the Zaky picture of Liam. This was taken as we entered his room in the morning, just two days after he was born and we've treasured it dearly. We named Liam after my husband's father who passed away three years before Liam was born. We've always felt that the sunlight shining in on him is Matt's dad with the Zaky being his comforting/guarding hand. This was his way of giving Liam a "hug". I've also attached some 1 year pictures of Liam taken in January 2013. He's such a joy and makes us laugh every day. What you created helped us to feel that Liam was safe, secure and snuggled when we werent' able to do that for him ourselves. Thank you for helping to make Liam's NICU stay just a little more comforting for our entire family. Sarah Gilmore, Ohio


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