Luka - Serbia

My name is Jelka Lindic and I am from Slovenia. I first saw Zaky in one of our free newspapers and I have no idea what that is, but there was your internet side, and I decided to wach it. I was enthusiastic… And then last year a month before Luka was born I ordered Zaky. And then I waited… In two weeks Zaky come in to my home. I was so happy and Luka has it from a day he come home from a hospital. He is still sleeping with. I thing that Zaky actualy helps him to feel more secure in he´s bed. Our family love´s it. Zaky was one of the expences things that I bought it to Luka, and it was worth that money. If it was´t that expenciv I will bay two, so now I am saving for another one for the next baby. For the end I will like to say, that I`m realy happy that I heard about Your company and the Zaky, and I wish you all the best, and many happy faces of happy children, like may baby Luka is. -Jelka Lindic, Serbia
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