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The Zaky HUG®

The Zaky HUG®

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Sleep is a biological need for you and your baby, and we are here to give you a hand.

Whether you are looking for a present for a baby shower, going back to work, or traveling, The Zaky® is a unique and valuable gift for a loved one at home or in the hospital.

Can't be there to nurture or hold them? Need a hand to transition to the crib or to fall asleep? The Zaky HUG® keeps you in touch, and Touch Changes Everything! 

Sleep is crucial to developing the brain, and scientific evidence shows that The Zaky HUG® protectively provides an ergonomic surrounding where your baby self-regulates effectively. A child who feels safe, loved, comfortable, and relaxed falls asleep, and you will sleep better.

The Zaky HUG®: One universal size. One universal weight. Select one pair or single hand and color. Suitable from birth. We provide 100% sustainable packaging. We use the beautiful organic cotton mesh bag (valued at $9.90) as the packaging. Gift packaging (branded wood box) is available.


BE THERE: It is scientifically engineered to extend your touch, weight, warmth, and scent. The soft texture of The Zaky HUG® affectionately hugs your loved one and provides nurturing surroundings even when you are away. It virtually replaces all positioners, nests, containment and boundary aids, soothing aids, bonding aids, and transitional aids.

A WARM, SCENTED HUG. To wrap your infant in the uniquely comforting scent of your body, place The Zaky HUG® on your chest or neck for one hour. Each parent may scent one of the hands. To lend it the warmth of your body, place The Zaky HUG® in the dryer or a towel warmer for a couple of minutes and offer your baby the unique warmth of your soothing hug! For safety, it won't heat up in the microwave.

MANAGE THE WEIGHT AND FIRMNESS by shifting the filling for positioning, nesting, soothing, boundaries, and containment. Each of The Zaky HUG® weighs 1.1 lbs. (500 gr.) Adjust the filling so that less than 10-15% of the child's body weight is over their body.

WASH, DRY, STORE with the rest of the child's clothing and inside the wash bag included with The Zaky HUG®. The filling is fully washable, so no disassembly is needed. 

SAFE TO SLEEP: Abide by the American Academy of Pediatrics ABCs: Alone on their own, Back to sleep - every sleep, and Crib.

The Zaky HUG® provides a predictable, comfortable, and loving micro-environment that soothes the child to fall asleep alone and in their bed. Remove The Zaky HUG®s after the baby is in deep sleep or is unsupervised. Start this method in the hospital to minimize the need for swaddling and promote self-soothing for a more effective transition to your home. Hospitalized babies and toddlers may use them 24/7 because a nurse or parent constantly supervises them.

SCIENCE: Learn about the scientific evidence and publications that support The Zaky HUG®.

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