HUGging Zoe - Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome Warriors

"With much anxiety and anticipation for the arrival of my daughter, Zoe, who would be born with half a heart, our family received many gifts and well-wishes.

We relocated at 36 weeks gestation from Arizona to Philadelphia to receive the best care for our unborn child.

With limited packing space, our friends and family shipped us a few care packages. One of the items given was a pink Zaky hand. I slept with the Zaky one week prior to Zoe’s arrival.

After her first open heart surgery at 15 hours old, I brought Zoe the Zaky to offer both familiarity and comfort.

Being unable to hold your newborn for over a week, and finding ways to comfort them, can be challenging.

The Zaky HUG snuggled Zoe when I couldn’t be physically present. After a one-month hospitalization, our family returned home to Arizona on a commercial flight. The Zaky not only comforted Zoe within the hospital, but outside in unfamiliar surroundings.

Thank you, Yamile, for creating the Zaky HUG. I know many babies born with congenital heart defects are finding similar comfort with the Zaky, and will for years to come."


- Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome Warriors

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