Patricia Drum - Brunswick

"I cried with joy and amazement when I saw The Zaky HUG ad!

My daughter had just given birth to her first child in Japan, where her husband is stationed. They are on the other side of the world, out of reach...until I ordered the Zaky HUG!

I SO wanted to just help her with her new baby...and I CAN, with The Zaky HUG!

A hand to hold, a hand to touch, and a hand to support both mom and baby. Babies need nourishment from breast milk and the gentle touch of a hand!

I'm sorry that there was a need to invent this, but it is more than an invention, it's PURE INSPIRATION!

My little granddaughter approves of this product, too!! I'm so grateful to have found this wonderful product!!!!" -

Patricia Drum, Brunswick

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