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HUGgingTwins Cameron&Kaitlin- University of Iowa Children's Hospital

Dear Dr. Jackson, First and foremost, a BIG THANK YOU for creating the Zaky. Our twin babies were born at 25 weeks at the University of Iowa Children's Hospital. Cameron (boy) was 1 pound 10 ounces and Kaitlin was 1 pound 8 ounces. They lived their first 106 days in the NICU, and as you know from personal experience, it was an unimaginable experience and one that is difficult to fully explain. We are forever thankful to the NICU team and all who supported us. During our stay, the unit's fantastic physical therapist introduced them and us to Zaky. While both babies responded very positively to Zaky, our daughter Kaitlin was practically inseparable from hers. I knew we needed a Zaky at home for both babies and was so happy at the quick turn-around time when I placed the order. . . one pink and one blue. Cameron and Kaitlin came home on oxygen and monitors and Zaky. It was with them always, especially Kaitlin . . . ALWAYS. She had colic, reflux, was an extreme preemie and did not sleep well for quite some time. She was swaddled and cuddled with Zaky (sometimes her brother's as well) whenever she wasn't being held. Once Kaitlin was a bit older (~6 months) she gave up her pacifier and need for swaddling, but she still needed Zaky to go to sleep (laid across one arm to cuddle). Without Zaky, she would toss from side to side in her crib. Zaky even went with us to Boston for a medical trip last June (and Niagara Falls and New York City on the way to and from). This continued through 10 months of age, at which time I laundered them for the final time and put them in the closet. (They launder VERY WELL.) I put them away since they were no longer on oxygen/monitors and didn't want anything in their crib with them when they were sleeping. Thank you again for creating Zaky and helping give comfort to our little babies.

Most Sincerely, Christine & Kurt Zimmerman