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HUGging Avianna

Avianna was born 5 weeks early weighing 4.5lbs. She’s beautiful! Being a preemie, the hospital staff were concerned because Avianna’s temperature was a little low. Although they released us after 3 days, they said to bring her back in 2 days so they could check her. When we did, her temperature was still low so they admitted her into the NICU and did a serious of tests including blood, urine, etc. Immediately, after getting the blood results, the doctor said she would have to have a spinal tap so they can be sure she did not have a spinal infection. As you can imagine, we were scared for Avianna having to go through this serious procedure. As they poked and prodded her, we couldn’t hold her or comfort her. As the doctor was telling us all the bad things that could happen, our hearts sank. It was then that my mom went online trying to find out information about preemies as this was new to our family as everyone had full term babies. She came across the Zaky and was inspired by the story behind it. She immediately purchased a right and left hand so that when Avianna was released from the hospital we would have them. It took 5 long days before they released Avianna which by the way had a clear bill of health all along. They admitted that someone in the NICU must have contaminated the vile of blood they took from Avianna. As you can imagine we were all pretty upset that Avianna had to go through all that because someone in the NICU neglected to wash their hands before handling her blood test. Needless to say, the Zaky’s were a huge comfort not only to Avianna, but all of us as well. They are so unique the way you can shape them any way you want which replicates the loving arms of a mother, grandmother, etc. Avianna loves her Zaky’s. We’ve recommended them to family and friends. Thank you for sharing and caring. -Karina Orta