Grabriel - Houston Tx

"Gabriel was a 26 weeker born at Memorial Hermann Hospital. At 3 weeks of age and in level III NICU he was introduced to the Zaky, which he still loves till this day. We want to THANK Dr. Jackson for such a wonderful creation. The Zaky gives these babies in NICU not only the security, but the comfort of mom or dad's hand. Like Dr. Jackson when my son was so small, I always wanted to leave a part of us behind. Now with the Zaky we can do that. We loved the Zaky so much we purchased one for Gabe when comes home. Gabe is now at 37 weeks gestation & Level II NICU and still sleeps and loves his ZAKY... Thank you Dr. Jackson. May GOD continue to Bless you and your family." - Kelly & Amanda Castilla, Parents of a Preemie, Houston, TX
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