Warming up a cold situation: A touching story of how your skin helps your baby thrive

Yamile, PhD in ergonomics engineering and founder of this brand, remembers that

“...a few weeks after Zachary was born, Tropical Storm Allison hit Houston, leaving the hospital and Zachary’s life supporting equipment totally powerless, the back-up power wasn’t working”

She stills chokes up telling the story, you can see her reliving the emotions every time she tells it:

“...the nurses gave me Zachary for me to hold him, my body and skin got so warm, so hot, instantaneously…”

Virginia Commonwealth University’s Medical Center in its video Skin-to-skin Contact After Birth explains the thermic relationship between you and your baby and how your body’s temperature will adjust to your baby’s needs.

“How did my body know that Zachary needed warmth?...How did it do it so quickly?”

Yamile asks these unsolvable questions with awe and wonder, like admitting that, with 4 degrees in engineering, she needs to vow to nature in admiration, surrender and gratitude.

“From our experience it is unquestionable that our touch helped Zachary surviving, we want every parent to know that their touch helps their baby thriving.”




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