Mommy and Daddy, 3 ideas for me to reach my dreams

Moms and Dads, your baby can reach her goals by reaching her dreams.

The National Sleep Foundation, an independent non-profit, states that “(sleep) the primary activity of the brain during early development”. Babies spend at least 50% of their sleeping time in quiet sleep (or non-rapid eye movement), it argues.

In quiet sleep, the pituitary gland releases 80% of the growth hormone, somatotrophine, says The Baby Sleep Academy in Dublin. It adds that sleep is the most crucial factor in babies’ physical development, affecting physical growth, memory, learning, attention and behavior.

Here are 3 ideas on how to help your baby:

Heed sleepiness signs: Put your baby to sleep on his back as soon as the signs appear (fuzzy, rubbing of the eyes).

Use routine: consistent pre-bedtime cues -sounds, images, aromas or textures- induce sleep and help his brain developing memory structures.

Create a sleep atmosphere: dimmed lights, whispers, soft moves, warmth and your touch are sleep conducive.

By trying this ideas to help her sleep tonight, you’ll help her reach her dreams for life. IG Post:


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