Mom and Dad, 3 tips to fully unleash your parental powers

Mom and Dad, to be powerful, be you. You can’t undo your power, you can simply use it mindfully.

The power of your touch extends beyond skin-to-skin and baby massage. Contact during playtime between 5-years-old children and their mothers showed that “brain activity across these networks was stronger for kids who received more tactile attention...”, says the Huffington Post on its article A parent’s touch actually transforms a baby’s brain.

In its paper The power of human touch on babies, The Canadian Association of Pediatric Health Centers, shows scientific support to the myriad benefits of holding, rocking and facilitated tucking. But we trust that the power of your touch extends even beyond that.

So we suggest 3 tips:

Touch your baby: often, lovingly and respectfully.

Follow your instincts: Different cultures across the world have encouraged human touch on babies across centuries so ignore those who say “don’t hold him too much or you’ll spoil him”.

Be yourself: keep whispering that shh, playing that made up tune, or making that ticklish rub with your beard. Whatever expresses that unique touch of yours surely helps her grow.

Science is making great strides studying the power of your touch, but it might never fully comprehend it. That doesn’t make you less powerful, but more magical. So above all, be you!

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Sources: The power of human touch on babies CAPHC Dr Nils

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