The Zaky® Risk-Free Trial Program and our Commitment

The Zaky® is the only brand offering evidence-based, family-integrated, neuroprotective, and developmental care devices for round-the-clock first-line treatment of non-pharmacologic pain management and safety. Engineered to nurture around the clock, The Zaky HUG® provides comfort on the bed, while The Zaky ZAK® offers support during holding (skin-to-skin or clothed) and breastfeeding.

We are confident that you, like thousands of hospital units globally, will immediately experience the value of The Zaky®. That's why we offer a Risk-Free Trial Program.

How Our Risk-Free Trial Program Works:

  1. Schedule a Quick Zoom Call and Live Demo:

    • Meet with Dr. Yamile Jackson, our CEO, Zach's mom, and the Ph.D. licensed professional ergonomics engineer who designed The Zaky®.
  2. Receive Your Trial Order:

    • We will arrange to send you the number of products you need, along with an invoice payable at the end of the trial.
  3. End of Trial Options:

    • If you are 100% satisfied, pay for the products and keep them for implementation.
    • If not, return them at no cost (we will cover the shipping fee).

Our Commitment:

For babies and parents who use The Zaky® devices as recommended by Nurtured by Design:

  • Improved Safety and Outcomes:
    • The Zaky® enhances patient safety, breastfeeding rates, and healthcare/developmental/neuroprotective/bonding outcomes.
  • Reduced Risks and Costs:
    • The Zaky® reduces the risk of infant falls and injuries, minimizes errors, and lowers healthcare costs.
  • Increased Satisfaction:
    • The Zaky® improves the satisfaction of parents, patients, and staff.


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