The Zaky® Science

Mother instincts are real - add science, a Ph.D. in engineering, and a transformative promise, and you have The Zaky®.

The Zaky® was born from love and the necessity to bond with her baby and calm him so he could sleep, relax, and feel less pain. And now, it's the ultimate solution for parents who want to nurture their babies and toddlers in the most natural and comfortable way possible.

After years of research and development for each product, our team created the only holistic system that offers evidence-based care for every baby and child, regardless of their size, medical condition, or developmental stage. 

Below you will find independent research done with The Zaky®. Let us know if you have any questions or if you would like to use The Zaky® in any of your projects.


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 Click here to see the science behind The Zaky HUG® 
With its unique shape and hand-like design, The Zaky HUG® provides a secure and cozy environment for your baby, mimicking the warmth and comfort of a loved one's embrace.
Nurturing Family Centered Developmental Care
Neuroprotection, self regulation, pain management.


Click here to see the science behind The Zaky ZAK® 
Safe Skin-to-Skin and Kangaroo Care, breastfeeding 



White Paper – Trauma Informed Care (TIC) with The Zaky in NICUs by Mary Coughlin.
Publications about Kangaroo Care Safety Devices co-authored by our CEO, Yamile Jackson, Ph.D, PE, PMP (Kangaroo Care/Skin to Skin Devices, Risk management, etc.)