HUGing Mason and donating The Zaky HUGs to the NICU.

HUGing Mason and donating The Zaky HUGs to the NICU.

Our son was born at just 23 weeks 4 days; he weighed 1lb 4oz.  He was the most fragile thing I’d ever seen. 

He fought hard for every breath he took and every gram he gained.  Slowly but surely he got stronger and grew bigger. 

We tried to be there for every step of the way, doing everything we could to try and bring him love and comfort, but born that little there isn’t much you are able to do besides talk to them the first few weeks. 

Their skin is so thin and their senses so overwhelmed that ever touch is overwhelming.  The absolute hardest part of my days (even bad ones) was having to leave his side at night. 

The walk down to the car seemed ten times longer than the walk up in the mornings.  Having been strong for him all day long, the evening trek often ended in tears as I recounted the days events which were always a roller coaster (especially in the early months). 

Seeing how hard their little lives are in the beginning, you do everything you can to bring them any comfort.  One thing our NICU had seemed to work well for our little one and that was The Zaky. 

The way they could be positioned to do gentle holds making him feel safe and cradled calmed him.  It was one of the only things that made leaving him at night any easier, but there weren’t enough to go around so I was so thankful when our nurses were able to snag them for us. 

When using them we’d get him all tucked in and cuddled and he just snuggle into them and drift to sleep.  When thinking about his first birthday and wanting to give back to our NICU we reached out to company who makes The Zakys, help us donate to our NICU in an effort to ensure each baby had the same comforts our little one did. 

We also wanted to do what we could to make the parents journey a little easier as well since it’s not an easy road to follow.  I’m so thankful that a product like this exists and is made by such a great founder and company.  

Kally, Ben, and Mason Kohl

The Zaky donation to hospital

Look at him in 2018:


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