4 reasons why The Zaky ZAK is the best Kangaroo Care Device

4 reasons why The Zaky ZAK is the best Kangaroo Care Device


  • Device made to implement kangaroo care by increasing safety, frequency, duration, satisfaction, and healthcare outcomes and reducing anxiety, risks, errors, and cost.
  • Unisex. Effective and safe for sitting or standing transfer of babies weighing 1-14 lbs, in every hospital unit. Hold 1-3 babies simultaneously.
  • Mom wears The Zaky ZAK instead of the hospital gown before the baby is born to decrease the transfer time and improving ease of use, safety, privacy, and modesty.
  • Effective for 2 Sacred/Golden hour(s) and breastfeeding immediately after birth.
  • On the operating table partially open the zipper, position the baby skin to skin diagonally on the mom’s chest, cover the baby to the neck and close the zipper while the doctor finishes. Move mom/baby from the OR table to their room. If the mom is unable, dad holds with The Zaky ZAK.
  • Quiet and immediate access to the baby from the top, bottom, or by partially opening the zipper for breastfeeding, pumping, interventions, or in case of emergent conditions.
  • Reduce unplanned interventions, eliminate accidental extubations, sliding/falling during kangaroo care by wearing The Zaky ZAK in the proper size, the baby in the correct kangaroo care position, and the zippers fully closed.  This way the baby also remains safe in the event that the parent falls asleep while supervised by another adult.


  • The Zaky ZAK is easy to use, safely holds newborns, it is unisex and the best way to hold infants in every unit in the hospital consistently, reliably and comfortably.
  • It comes in 4 color coded sizes (one color per size) each is adjustable to 3 sizes for a perfect fit every time for parents (skin to skin) and others (clothed). 
  • The light fabric colors allow for visual identification of blood, leaks, positioning and immediate response for a medical issue.
  • Individualize the transfer and access depending on the medical condition of the parent/baby.
  • Durable. Cotton is strong, natural, warm, soft, comfortable, breathable, washable up to 30 times in the wash bag provided. Zippers do not touch the skin, are quiet and easily adjustable.
  • By using the same design, process and color-coded sizes in all hospital units, The Zaky ZAK streamlines the entire supply chain (effective planning, inventory control, storage, ordering, training of staff and parents, quality control, etc.) and prevents injuries caused by unsafe kangaroo care devices/practices.



  • Babies and parents benefit from co-regulating during safe and prolonged kangaroo care sessions.
  • Increase fathers' skin to skin.
  • Staff satisfaction increase when the baby that is out of the bed/incubator is secure, safe, with proper positioning and containment, and with the ability to do interventions without interrupting skin to skin.
  • Administration benefits from lowering the cost of care and preventing injuries, while improving healthcare outcomes and parents/staff satisfaction.
  • The Zaky ZAK was designed by Yamile Jackson, a native from Colombia, PhD in ergonomics and safety engineering and mother of Zachary (preemie weighing 906 grams at birth in Houston, Tx)


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