The Zaky Laundry Protocol

The Zaky has been successfully used in hospitals and homes since 2001. Infection control was a top priority during the design process. 

LAUNDRY PROTOCOL:  Every hospital has determined how to launder the clothing of the babies.  The Zaky products (The Zaky ZAK and The Zaky HUG) follow that same laundry protocol of the clothing of the babies. That is, some hospitals have washer/dryer in the unit, others have special laundry service, others have volunteers or hospital service, or have a way to get them back if they send them to the regular hospital laundry.

Parents appreciate taking them home to launder them with the load with the baby’s items (ideally with an unscented soap).

The filling of The Zaky HUG is fully washable, and no disassembly is needed.

For The Zaky ZAK, close the zipper and wash it inside out. 

WASH, DRY, STORE, PROTECT it inside the organic cotton wash bag provided with The Zaky®.

TEMPERATURE: use the lowest temperature allowed by the hospital, and using no more than 90 centigrades. 

Keep in mind that the fabric deteriorates faster at very high temperatures, and that applies to The Zaky too. 

USE AND REUSE:  The Zaky is reusable.  Parents love them to be a personal item for zero-separation.  The Zaky products are arguably the only products that can be used from admission to discharge and beyond. 

ZERO-SEPARATION; The Zaky products give a wonderful message to the parents that they are important to their baby and they need to be present.  They are an essential member of the healthcare team for their baby’s development. 


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