The Zaky ZAK Description and Instructions


Purpose of
The Zaky ZAK
Systematic, safe, simple, and sustainable implementation of Skin to Skin Contact/Kangaroo Care in all units in hospitals.
Engineered to reduce/eliminate risks and errors related to kangaroo care.
Eliminate sliding/falling during kangaroo care
Modest. Use immediately from birth (vag/c-section), all hospital units, then home.
It provides constant and consistent level of comfort, safety, individualized care, proper containment, boundaries, posture for adult and baby. 
Unisex, use it skin to skin or clothed.
Quiet/immediate/full access baby for breastfeeding, pumping, ultrasounds, interventions, transfers with minimal disruption.  Works in every hospital unit and at home, unisex, holding 1,2,3 babies, weighing 1-14 lbs. 
Package includes 1 The Zaky ZAK + 1 wash bag
Manufacturer Nurtured by Design
# of washes and uses

30+ in wash bag, clean every 3-4 sessions or when soiled
Temperature up to 60 Centigrade.
Single patient or wash and re-assign after proper wash.
Take home recommended to continue safe skin to skin.

Available Sizes 4 sizes, each with 3 zippers spaced every 2 inches for perfect fit and consistent and proper user experience:
Size 0 (28",30",32")  Size 1 (34",36",38") Size 2 (40",42",44") Size 3 (46", 48",50")
Wear to the size comfortable for the adult. 
The Zaky ZAK stretches to fit the baby (adjust size as necessary). 
Beware: Fit too tight may compromise baby's breathing, and too loose allows baby to slide down. 
Fabric Colors Color coded: one color per size so staff knows the size by the color.
Streamlined supply chain (Inventory control, ordering, training, storage, reduce errors of sizing, quality control).
Light colors allow to see baby's posture, and if there is any blood, leaks.
Thick and soft fabric that can't see nipples through. Wear alone if hot, or use a sweater/gown that opens in the front if cold.
Materials Natural/anti-allergenic/breathable/washable cotton/ Elastine, Zippers. 
Tagless, no chemicals, no velcro, no snaps.
Research, studies, or publications? Yes, published studies for NICU, Congenital Heart Condition, Well Baby.
Quality Improvement Projects to prevent unplanned extubations during kangaroo care.
Intended Users Babies 1-14 lbs and adults/siblings with green light to hold skin to skin contact/kangaroo care. From birth (vag/C-section) all hospital units, home. Unisex for Skin to Skin/Clothed, Parents/Volunteers/Staff, 1-3 babies.
Antepartum Use Wear The Zaky ZAK instead of (or underneath) the hospital gown (this provides privacy to mom and warms the fabric for the baby); with zipper closed in front for easy access at all times. Keep monitors in place.
C-Section: From OR Table to transport,  2 Sacred Hours Lift/fold as necessary for epidural and pre-op interventions. Partially open the zipper after the mom lays down. The Zaky ZAK is always outside the sterile field.  After the baby is born place baby diagonally or across the mom's chest, cover with The Zaky ZAK and close the zipper. To transport cover with The Zaky ZAK up to the neck, fully close the zipper THEN move the mom/baby from the operating table. 
Delivery - 2 hours skin to skin contact  After the baby is born, partially open the zipper and place baby on mom's chest, loosely cover with The Zaky ZAK to allow for the baby to move and find the breast. To secure and allow mom to rest, position the baby and cover with The Zaky ZAK up to the neck, fully close the zipper.
Post Partum and Home Partially open the zipper to let baby move or breastfeed.  Use while sitting or reclined, never horizontal. Fully close the zipper when not using the hands.  Sit up, stand or walk always placing hands over the baby.  Use The Zaky ZAK to support a compression rolled towel over the c-section incision.
NICU/ PICU, other Hospital Units Wear on bare skin closing zippers in front and to the side before moving the baby.  Lower The Zaky ZAK or partially open zipper, place baby in proper posture, secure the position by covering the baby up to neck. Minimizes sitting and standing transfer times, breast exposure, and time the baby is uncovered/exposed to cold. 
Access to baby Partially open zipper for interventions, pumping or breastfeeding or allow baby to move when appropriate.  Fold up to access baby from the bottom; fold down or partially open the zipper to access the baby from the top/side.
Warmth, containment, positioning The soft cotton keeps baby and mom warm and dry. Zipper is easy to use, quiet, strong, consistent, can be partially/fully open/close, ensures access, safety, proper constant containment/posture from head-toe. Supports quiet/secure/easy standing and sitting transfer.
Parents sleeping Follow the hospital protocols regarding parent sleep.  If parent is not using their hands and/or paying full attention to the baby, make sure The Zaky ZAK covers the baby up to the neck, used in the proper size, with baby positioned vertically between cleavage, and the zipper fully closed. Another adult must be monitoring adult/baby.
Transfer back or Emergency For a quiet and immediate release for transfer or in an emergency, totally lower The Zaky ZAK to uncover the baby; or fully open the zipper. In case of power outage, any adult may use The Zaky ZAK to keep babies warm.