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Mother instincts are real - add science and a Ph.D. in engineering and you have The Zaky®.

The Zaky® was born out of love and necessity by a Ph.D. in ergonomics and safety engineering after giving birth prematurely to Zachary (read the story).

Yamile applied her newly found maternal instinct and her professional and educational experiences to combine them with science and engineering principles and best practices to research/develop each of The Zaky® products and services with the input of every type of stakeholder.

After 3+ years of research and development for each product, she created the only system that provides around-the-clock tools that facilitate evidence-based neuroprotective and family-integrated care, around the clock, for every baby and child regardless of size, medical condition, or developmental stage.


Click here to see the science behind The Zaky HUG® 

Click here to see the science behind The Zaky ZAK® 

White Paper – Trauma Informed Care (TIC) with The Zaky in NICUs by Mary Coughlin.

Publications co-authored by our CEO, Yamile Jackson, Ph.D, PE, PMP


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