Would The Zaky work for... ?

Would The Zaky work for... ?

We are frequently asked which The Zaky would work so this guide will help you decide. Contact us with any questions.

The Zaky is arguably the best gift of love and science. 

Looking for a gift for....

The Zaky ZAK

babies 1-14 lbs

The Zaky HUG

birth to forever

Holding a term baby skin to skin at delivery or c-section

Holding a baby in post partum and at home weighing up to 14 lbs
Reduce swaddling for developmentally appropriate containment
Family and volunteers (clothed) holding babies to the chest 
Breastfeeding moms needing to improve milk production/quality
Baby Showers
Preemies and all hospitalized babies, and then at home
Child pre- and post-surgery or under medical treatment that CANNOT be held
Child pre- and post-surgery or under medical treatment that CAN be held
End of parental leave and going back to work, traveling
Babies experiencing withdrawal from narcotics
Deployed military parents with babies/small children (Thank you for your service!)
Sending a HUG to a loved one when you cannot be there
Children or babies having trouble falling asleep without being held or staying asleep, or transition to the crib
Parents that can't use their arms to hold their baby (oncology patients, surgery, etc.)
Toddlers and child(ren), including those with special needs, experiencing separation anxiety from a parent, needing positive sensorial stimulation
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