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2017 International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia had a wonderful celebration for the 6th International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day on May 15th 2017

by Buenafe Cala

‘I’m sending you our post activity in Care National Hospital ,Riyadh Saudi Arabia 1 out of 30  tertiary hospital that we are going to introduce and implement of Kangaroo Care from Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia where we cater 65% population of Saudi Arabia.
May you kindly see the attached file with our post activity with 6th International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day in CARE National Hospital ,Riyadh Saudi Arabia .Out of 30 hospital we are going to continue awareness all year round to introduce and implement kangaroo care in the unit and community as our commitment to support the newborns and family in Saudi Arabia all year round.
The activity as follows :
1. Invitation and awareness has been disseminated to all department in the hospital.
2.Preparation and commitments of all NICU staff in success of the kangaroo care awareness day.
3. A 1 hour and half International Kangaroo  Care awareness day  program headed by the Neonatal Head of Ministry of health Kingdom of Saudi Arabia start with ribbon cutting ceremony, introduction of Kangaroo Care and its benefits ,welcoming the parents and staff ,video presentation , sharing of parents with their experience in kangaroo care ,appreciation to parents and staff ,gift giving and tokens to the family and staff.
4. Simple snacks and sweet prepared during the awareness.
5.Registration and commitments of staff  documented .
To share with International kangaroo organizer – The testimony of the mother that she doesn’t want to wash her hand right after doing kangaroo care to her baby where she wanted to bring the scent  of her baby when she will back home and remind her that she need go back again to the hospital and meet her lil one.It was a lesson to every one during the awareness from a parents testimony.
This simple activity brings the family and staff with joy in their hearts where they  feel treasured and important in joining the 6th International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day .Looking forward the continuous support for the all newborns and family and link internationally.
Thank you very much ,more photos and update with our continuous awareness to 30 hospital all year round.
Best Regards,
Buenafe Cala
NIDCAP Professional
MOH Kingdom of Saudi Arabia"
Kangaroo Care Day 2017 Saudi Arabia

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