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Kangaroo Care/Skin to Skin with The Zaky ZAK

The Zaky ZAK is the only safety device that is ergonomically designed to provide a safe and proper position, easy access, for skin to skin contact and kangaroo care in every unit in the hospital and then at home.  Designed by a [kangaroo] mother of Zachary and PhD in ergonomics and human factors engineering. 
    • Easy to learn and to use: Nurse educators love our The Zaky ZAK as it is very intuitive, it reduces errors, and improves satisfaction of families and staff. Position the baby with your own hands and use The Zaky ZAK to keep the position and continue proper posture.
    • Proper positioning is easy and effective to support proper musculoskeletal development especially for prolonged sessions.
    • Attachment/Bonding - This is the best outcome from Kangaroo Care and Skin to Skin Contact.
    • Containment and boundaries: Soothing containment all around the baby - the parent's chest, breasts, and the ZAK, are all you need for the baby to be safe and comfortable.
    • As a transport aid, The Zaky ZAK helps babies and mothers keep kangarooing while safely transporting the mom with the baby from room to room, in any hospital unit, and once they are discharged. 
    • Adjustable: you don't know the size of the mom/dad that arrives, so the convenient zippers adjusts so you only have to stock 3 different sizes that fit a total of 9 sizes. 
    • Family Integrated Care: It is the perfect support to parents as they learn about kangaroo care and skin to skin contact care. With training, they soon become very proficient in doing the transfer alone, positioning, and soothing their baby.  The staff is comfortable knowing that a baby in the ZAK is safe.  Monitoring is imperative.
    • Help Kangaro with The Zaky HUG: place The Zaky HUG behind the neck to help stabilize the neck of the parent. This scents and warms The Zaky HUG to leave with the baby after the session ends. It assists the parent/child separate from each other.
  • We are developing instructional videos.   Stay tuned.
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