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POSTER: "Improving The Frequency And Duration Of Skin To Skin Holding To Promote Parental Confidence In NICU" with The Zaky ZAK

by Elizabeth Jeanson PT DPT; Sheri Fischer, MSN RN CBC; Andrea Bunn DNP RN; David Munson, MD; Jessica Schnyders BSN RN; Nate Harris BSN RN

Sanford USD Medical Center & Clinics

Sanford Improvement Academy selected The Zaky ZAK to implement Kangaroo Care in the NICU.

The goal of this project was to, by September 2019:

  • Increase parental confidence by 40% 
  • Increase duration of skin to skin contact holding by 40%
  • Increase frequency of skin to skin contact holding by 20%

Here are the results:

  • Parental confidence increased by 62% on the PPCI
  • Duration of STS holding increased by 62%
  • Frequency of STS holding increased by 26%


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