From Philips' developmental aids, to evidence-based The Zaky HUG!

From Philips' developmental aids, to evidence-based The Zaky HUG!

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We are receiving numerous inquiries about how a NICU would transition from Philips' devices to The Zaky HUG.
"the height of sophistication is simplicity.” Clare Boothe Luce
The Zaky HUG includes two hands, in one universal size and weight. and provides individualized care.
It is engineered to facilitate an effective and seamless implementation from any products/systems that results in:
  • An elevated and constant level of evidence-based care for every patient, around the clock.
  • Every patient uses the same - reduces cost, inventory, storage, training time, ordering efforts.
  • Increase satisfaction of all stakeholders (patients, parents, healthcare team, and hospital administration.)

Philips / Children's Medical Ventures

Philips and Children's medical ventures are registered marks

The Zaky HUG®

by Nurtured by Design

One versatile device engineered to virtually replace all the developmental care devices (i.e., positioners, nests, transitional aids, bonding aids, reduces swaddling) for all babies so they feel calm, loved, quiet and centered.

Suite of purpose-specific products, numerous sizes and chosen by the professional or personal preference of the healthcare provider.
  • It improves healthcare outcomes, reduce cost, and increase parents/patients/staff satisfaction.
  • It provides nurturing and positive sensorial stimulation, with individualized care for all NICU patients, regardless of size, medical condition, or developmental stage around the clock. 
  • Especially effective as non-pharmacologic intervention for patients experiencing pain, or narcotic withdrawal.
  • Holistic. Ergonomic. Safe. Easy to use/teach.
  • Washable/Reusable like baby's clothing/blankets.
  • Trauma-Informed Neuroprotective Care based on family integration.
  • Evidence-based for self-regulation, decrease apnea/bradycardia, pain management (
  • Reduces cost by streamlining ordering, inventory, storage, education/training, quality control, reducing human error.
  • Babies, like any other person, thrive in a predictable environment because they can sleep which results in less unplanned interventions, better healthcare outcomes, and satisfaction of the staff, patients, and parents.
Frederick T. Frog® 
 Boundaries, Containment
  • Select the weight, firmness, and thickness of The Zaky HUG by shifting the filling.
  • Easily select less than 10-15% of the baby's body weight to place over the baby. 
  • Use only the weight of the fabric for the micro-preemies.
  • Each The Zaky HUG (left or right hand) weighs 500 grams.
  • Displace the filling by folding The Zaky HUG.
  • The length and weight stabilize The Zaky HUG, so it stays in place even when the baby moves
Snuggle up® 
  • Nest in any position (side, prone, supine) with The Zaky HUG without restraining movement.
  • Allows visual assessment of the skin and ensure proper position of every body part.
  • No pressure points, quiet, and does not cover the patient.
  • Position the baby first, then secure the posture with The Zaky HUG. 

Prone Plus® (4 sizes)
Prone positioning
  • Adjust the filling of The Zaky HUG to the width, height, firmness, and thickness needed.
  • Provides flexibility for individualized care.
Bendy Bumper family
Side lying, boundaries


  • Fold The Zaky HUG using the filling to create a firm, flexible, and soft roll.
  • Use it as a body pillow to create predictable and comforting surrounding for infants of any size, promoting self-regulation.

 Gel positioning aids 
Reduces the incidence of pressure sores and head molding

  • Use The Zaky HUG to decrease pressure points and move the baby with minimal disruption to prevent flat head.  
  • Open the fingers or place the pressure point infant between 2 Zaky HUGs to relief pressure.

Snoedel bonding aid



  • Parents love being connected by scent and touch with their babies even when they are apart.
  • Parents scent and warm The Zaky HUG with their own skin by placing it behind the neck or on the chest for about one hour. 
  • Scent one hand by the dad and one by the mom.
  • Use it as a neck roll to provide comfort to the parent (also while in kangaroo care/skin to skin contact with The Zaky ZAK® and leave it with the patient at the end of the session.  It makes it easier for the mom to separate from her baby.)

Other helpful facts about The Zaky HUG:

  • Parents love it. Babies love it. Staff love it. It is nurturing, intuitive, has a familiar shape so training and quality control for parents, new and experienced staff are productive.
  • Use one pair (Right and Left hands) per baby for a complete solution and neuroprotective, trauma informed care.
  • Follow the same laundry protocol as clothing of patients, using a wash bag for protection (wash bag is provided.)
  • Available in 6 beautiful colors. A solid color makes it easy to identify if the baby is bleeding, medicine is leaking/wet.
  • Use with other products from The Zaky family for around-the-clock evidence-based care: The Zaky ZAK for holding (kangaroo care or clothed), The Zaky ZEN (organic skin care and wellness), and The Zaky mobile application for parents.

    We ship globally.

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    We ship globally.

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