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The Zaky WELCOME BABY GIFT SET (The Zaky ZAK® + The Zaky HUG®)

The Zaky WELCOME BABY GIFT SET (The Zaky ZAK® + The Zaky HUG®)

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The Zaky HUG
The Zaky ZAK, select size and color
Gift Wrap with Wood Box?

ZERO SEPARATION is our mission.

This gift set is the must-have for every expecting and new parent (a preemie, well-baby, or born with a medical condition). It provides ergonomic and loving surroundings around the clock, promoting sleep, love, and comfort. While sleeping, the brain develops, and the body heals and grows.

The Zaky WELCOME BABY GIFT SET Includes one The Zaky ZAK (for holding the baby), and one pair of The Zaky HUG (for all other times).

One pair of The Zaky HUG®:

Right and Left hands in one universal size/weight - select color. Use when the baby is not held but is supervised by an adult—packaged in a reusable frosted ziplock branded bag. Gift Wood Box available.
Use from birth until the child does not want/need the parent's scent to sleep anymore (sometimes three years and beyond).

One The Zaky ZAK®:

For Kangaroo Care/Skin to Skin Contact for Birth Kangaroo Care/Golden/Sacred Hours, Post Partum, NICU, PICU, then at home. Unisex packaged in an organza bag. Hold 1,2,3 babies from birth up to 3 months after the due date.  
SIZING of The Zaky ZAK®: Sizing is by the chest circumference (Measure up under the arms and around the chest)
Rest with the baby in skin to skin at home and hospital. Place the baby vertically between the cleavage, with the Zaky ZAK® covering the baby's body up to the neck. To hold hands-free, close the zipper.
Always request training from your doctor or a qualified professional about kangaroo care or contact us at


Use one of The Zaky HUGs as a neck roll for better results while holding the baby's skin-to-skin contact with The Zaky ZAK. The size and weight of The Zaky HUG will soothe you while you scent and warm it naturally so you can leave it with the baby at the end of the session.

Back to Sleep and Safe Sleep:
Position and nest the baby with the Zaky HUG to provide containment promoting sleep. Take the Zaky HUGs with you when the baby is asleep or no longer supervised - unless your pediatrician recommends leaving it all night.

Funds from every purchase go towards donations to hospitalized babies.

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