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The Zaky for Hospitals

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Oprah's Video of Our Story


Oprah's Video of Our Story

Our Nurturing Technology(TM) is helping hundreds of hospitals translate evidence into practice for developmental care and skin to skin contact and I promised to send you all the info so you can do the same in your Unit at Nurtured By Design
I have a PhD in ergonomics and human factors engineering and I am the mother of Zachary (see our story and reason in the video on the left)

I developed this technology that consists of one pair of The Zaky HUG (aka The Zaky) for use on the bed or behind the neck of the parent, and one The Zaky ZAK (aka Kangaroo Zak) for skin to skin contact ergonomically designed to be used in any unit of the hospital and then at home.  

It is what you need per patient to provide a standard, evidence-based, ergonomic, nurturing developmental care to each patient regardless of size, medical condition, and developmental stage (including NAS babies!). 
To scent The Zaky HUG, parents place them on the neck or chest for at least one hour. Moms that sleep with them seem to sleep better as they know they are dong something for their babies.

To wash/dry use the washing bag that is included with each product and follow the same laundry/recycle protocol used for the clothing of babies. 

No sterilization is required, however, it is available per request for those wanting them ready to use and for Delivery. 

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The Zaky

Every baby needs to be nurtured, especially those that are preemies, hurting or experiencing separation anxiety.  
The evidence-based The Zaky HUG is the only ergonomic device for nurturing developmental care for children of any age, starting at birth.  By simulating the hands of the parents that calm the baby (and the parent) they help babies sleep. 
One pair of The Zaky virtually replaces all the positioners, bonding aids, transitional aids, soothers, nests, swaddlers, etc. It is easy to use, fully washable, intuitive to learn and use, and extremely effective and versatile. 

Useful links and Information: 
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Watch this 1.5 min video about The Zaky in the hospital from the Huffington Post's Rise which was featured in the Front Page, Parents, and Lifestyle Sections.

Mary Coughlin: Why did I select the Kangaroo Zak for the Skin to Skin Implementation
Mary Coughlin, author of the publication of
KMC implementation explains why she
selected The Zaky ZAK?
Our award-winning The Zaky Zak (kangaroo Zak) has been helping parents kangaroo in NICUs since 2010. 

It is the only ergonomic and safety device designed for parents to hold a baby in ANY UNIT of the hospital from anti-partum(holding the baby's monitor in place) to delivery (opens up and works for vaginal or c-section), any intensive care unit, and then at home 
It provides a standard level of care,  improved KMC/STS rates and frequency, reduce supply chain cost, that is based on evidence.  

These are some of the features:
  • facilitate skin to skin contact from birth to 8 weeks after due date
  • minimize transfer time/distance
  • minimize disruptions to the baby during interventions (easy access and quiet/reliable zippers)
  • unisex
  • works with one, two, three babies
  • works for volunteer cuddlers to hold the babies safely
  • reduce the risk of baby sliding or falling if parent falls asleep holding the baby
  • reduce vertical movement of the baby reducing the risk of unplanned extubations during skin to skin/Kangaroo Care
  • support sitting and standing transfer
  • support dr/nurse interventions during KMC, as well as breastfeeding/pumping
  • be used by anyone/unisex with green light to KMC
  • be soft yet strong
  • protect mom's privacy by minimizing breast exposure
  • 3 sizes:   Size 0 adjust with a zipper from 3XL, 2XS, XS
                   Size 1 adjusts to S/M/L
                   Size 2 adjusts to XL/2XL/3XL
  • 3 colors:  Cream, Lilac, Lime  (we recommend to purchase each size in a different color so you know the size by the color)
Here are some helpful links
What is The Zaky Zak?
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Publication of KMC Implementation with The Zaky Zak
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