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The story of our brand is the story of our family, and we invite you to be part of it.
The Zaky® award-winning products are the only evidence-based products engineered to facilitate zero separation around the clock. The Zaky® was born from our needs, personal experience, and our ergonomics and safety engineering background. We extend the power of your touch to nurture each baby and create a micro-environment that promotes sleep, brain development, and family-integrated developmental and neuroprotective care. 
The Zaky HUG® - an extra set of hands - uses the power of touch to simulate the feeling of being held (like a HUG!) to increase melatonin and serotonin, the hormones responsible for exchanging cortisol (stress hormone) for relaxation and calmness. By virtually replacing all other developmental tools, we provide a simple and effective environment that is soothing and predictable, improving self-regulation and minimizing errors and unnecessary disruptions.
The Zaky ZAK® is the only evidence-based safety device engineered for holding babies in skin-to-skin or clothed. It holds the weight and posture and provides comfort and security to the baby and the parent. Use for immediate KMC after birth and in all hospital units that care for babies that weigh from 1 to 15 lbs. Then continue its use at home. The zippers fit the torso perfectly every time. Quietly open the zipper partially to access the baby for healthcare interventions, breastfeeding, and pumping. Email us for at live demo via Zoom® and a risk-free trial in your unit.



 Name: Yamile Jackson, PhD, PE, PMP

email address:

& Job: CEO, Nurtured by Design - The Zaky


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