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Our Products: The Zaky ZAK, The Zaky HUG, and The Zaky ZEN

Your touch is so powerful that it even helps your baby reach quiet sleep, that's when the brain develops sensorial systems for life: from problem solving to social skills. (Learn more about the science behind it)

Through our line of products, The Zaky extends the power of your touch by creating welcoming surroundings for babies to sleep and develop so they enjoy the best quality of life possible.

Extend the power of your touch 24/7 

When you are there When you are not

The Zaky ZAK 

Micropreemies to 12wks old

The Zaky HUG 

Birth to forever

The Zaky ZEN

Birth to forever


  • The Zaky ZAK: ergonomically designed body wrap for a safe and comfy skin-to-skin holding; that’s when your touch is the most powerful. (Learn about the science behind it).

         Use it as much as possible up to 12 weeks after your baby’s due date without               worrying about falling asleep. (PRODUCT EXPERIENCE IMAGE)

  • The Zaky HUG: ergonomic device that mimics your arm’s firmness, weight, touch, warmth, and scent so your baby feels soothed and loved even when you are apart. It's the FIRST device with clinical evidence of improving stability of heart rate, breathing and ability to recover from stress for babies in the study. (Learn more about the science behind it) (PRODUCT EXPERIENCE IMAGE)
  • The Zaky ZEN: this all-natural skin care line prepares your skin for the softest touch. It’s our best excuse for you to rub, massage, and pamper your baby so you splurge with that irreplaceable power of yours. All products are eco-friendly  they come unscented, for your baby to feel your natural scent; or naturally scented, to stimulate sensorial systems for life. (Learn more about the science behind it)  (PRODUCT EXPERIENCE IMAGE)