The Zaky Collection

The comfort of your touch improves the quality of life for a lifetime.

Your baby easily sleeps in your arms because your powerful touch provides the emotional and physical support needed for restful sleep. Who doesn't love being cradled by a warm, loving person who makes us feel safe?

The Zaky harnesses the power of your touch, scent, and love. Children should never have to suffer, feel scared, or unloved alone or in the dark. Sleep is essential for growth, healing, and developing lifelong systems in the brain—from problem-solving and sensory perception to social skills.

Embrace the Benefits of Skin-to-Skin Contact

The Zaky ZAK® unlocks the benefits of holding your baby in skin-to-skin contact, whether they are clothed or not, starting immediately after birth and continuing for three months after their due date. Use it during delivery at home or in the hospital, whether it's a natural birth or a C-section. Twins? Triplets? No problem! Zip them up in The Zaky ZAK® to keep them warm, safe, and close to you and each other. Perfect for babies weighing from 1 to 15 pounds.

Extend the Power of Your Touch

The Zaky HUG extends the power of your touch, fostering a sense of security and promoting better sleep and neuroprotection. Infuse it with your own scent and position it to ensure proper posture, nesting, boundaries, and containment without restricting access or movement. Its soothing presence helps calm babies, leading to improved eating and sleeping patterns. Ideal for improving quality of life, the Zaky HUG is perfect for providing comfort from birth and beyond.

 The Zaky ZEN

 nurtures the senses of babies and adults with aromatherapy, organic skin care and other natural and wellness products. 



The Zaky APP

The Zaky® APP is engineered to empower parents to track the care for their baby for the overall well-being, including sleep, health, safety, nurturing, and development, in a supportive community. It provides a range of features that track your baby's growth, development, and kangaroo care.  Engage in Kangaroo-a-thons by joining friendly competitions globally to promote skin-to-skin contact. Be part of a community committed to improving the quality of life of babies and families and increasing Kangaroo Care.


The Zaky is arguably the best gift of love and science.  Click here for ideas