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2018 - 7th International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day

May 15th, 2018

Kangaroo Care impacts the world of professionals, newborns, and families.

Take the pledge – Celebrate, Engage, and/or Share Kangaroo Care! The results are below. Let’s cover the world!

Whether you are a parent, a healthcare professional, or you simply support the practice of babies being held skin-to-skin by their parents, let’s take the pledge to support Kangaroo Care!  Be Counted!

Kangaroo Care Day brings together the international community to:

  • Celebrate the accomplishments of researchers, staff, and families that advance the practice and have some fun!
  • Engage professionals and parents in learning activities and practicing kangaroo care
  • Share the amazing stories of people touched by kangaroo care every day.  Download logs and logos for Kangaroo Care.

Be part of the movement that celebrates this amazing practice and helps grow our next generation of babies.

Post on social media now in FacebookTwitter, Instagram and tag @Nurturedbdesign @KangarooCareDay #kangaroocareday  #kangaroocare below!

Take the Pledge for Kangaroo Care

Here are the places that celebrate Kangaroo Care from those that took the Pledge!  Let’s Pledge and cover the world!

Country State/Province (US/Canada) City Company Name Pledge
de Munich EFCNI Raising awareness on Social Media and on our Website www.efcni.org


Fundraising for kangaroo-chairs for a hospital in Greece

fi Helsinki Helsinki Metropolia UAS I promise to continue working in daily baisis  to educate, promote and increase awareness of KMC locally, nationally and globally from grassroots to policy makers.


To who can I talk about KMC = all and everyone

Where can I talk about KMC =  everywhere

When can I talk about KMC = always (promote in all possible situations and raise awareness)

gb Barnsley Barnsley Neonatal Unit We have a message board which we are decorating for kangaroo care day for parents and staff to share their thoughts and feelings about kangaroo care and how we support kangaroo care.


We are planning on asking both current parents and families previously nursed on the neonatal unit to share their stories, pictures and experiences on our ward facebook page.

We have put up new kanagroo care boards to provide new information.

gb Romford Barking,Havering & Redbridge University NHS Trust I am the Infant Feeding & Developmental care Lead on the Neonatal Unit, Level 2
nz 7 Lurline Ave Epsom Ms
nz auckland Auckland district Health Board Asking all Mums and dads in our neonatal unit to hold their babies skin to skin as much and for as long as possible.


Posts will be put on the neonatal trusts facebook page.

nz Wellington Wholehearted Ltd
qa Doha Hamad Medical Corporation To show support for Kangaroo Care I will involve myself in the activities of our hospital to promote kangaroo care among mothers and babies, I will deliberately advocate campaigns about KMC and its improtance and teach others how to do it properly and effectively. I will be also active in social media to raise awareness for kangaroo care.
qa DOHA HMC “Also mother of 2 preterm babies ,


who loved to do kangaroo care daily”

Awareness program

workshops for health care professions

parent experience lectures to parents of preterm babies

competitions for staff inthe hospital regarding kangaroo care and benefits

sa Riyadh King Fahad Medical City A month long  KC promotion starting 15 April 2017.


KC Video demonstration in the antenatal clinic and giving of KC brochure.

A KC banner will be posted in the NICU

Electronic announcement of the KC day.

Continues encouraging the parents do Kangaroo care and  give some token of appreciation to parents who spent the longest KC hours.
On 15 May 2017 will be our KC awareness big day.

There will be booth from the following disciplines:Medical,Nursing,Respiratory Therapist, Parent Support Group, Lactation/Breastfeeding Team and

Social Workers.

There will be a program where the CEO,Medical and Nursing leaders and Patient Experience Department lead will be invited.

In the said program, 3 parents  chosen to speak about KC experience.
Place:King Fahad Medical City
Riyadh,Saudi Arabia

tw Taichung Taichung Veterans General Hospital I will put the logo in my Facebook
I will spread the information through lecture in hospital and post in Facebook
I will give this information to Taiwan Premature Baby Foundation
We encourage and support parents in our NICU for Kangaroo care.
tw Tainan National Cheng Kung University Hospital We do kangaroo care in our NICU and Level II baby ward. kangaroo care is routine in our hospital.
UK Leicester Leicester Royal Infirmary Neonatal Unit
UK Aberdeen NHS Grampian Publicity/information for parents and staff withing the NNU
All staff to support the aim for all babies, as far as possible, within the unit to experience Kangaroo care on the 15th May
Tweet about the day raising social media awareness
Identify Kangaroo Care champions to continue to support and improve kangaroo care within our unit
us AZ Cave Creek Scottsdale Phoenix First Food For Baby I LOVE sharing my loaner Zaky and teaching new mothers about KMC!!  Wish I could afford 10 of them!!This is an ongoing free service I provide to interested parents and all of my families with babies that get medical procedures to help support the Autonomic Nervous System.  KMC information is provided for every family I come in contact with – always.
us AZ Scottsdale Honor Health Scottsdale Shea Promote Kangaroo care in our NICU to increase awareness and benefits.
us CA Los Angeles Parent Facebook post.


Discuss with friends and family.

Celebrate with my 5-year-old daughter and husband.

us CA loma linda loma linda childrens hosp
us FL daytona beach Halifax Health Promoting KMC in our small level II NICU by starting an initiative on May 1st to see how many parents can Kangaroo their babies for as long as possible. After two weeks we will see how well we have done…..then re-educate to become even better!
us FL Daytona Beach fl Halifax health
us FL Orlando Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies
us IA Des Moines Blank Children’s Hospital We will celebrating Kangaroo Care with a week long event May 11-18, 2017 with daily prizes.
Families that hold their baby at least 1 hour skin to skin may enter a raffle ticket for the drawings.  Nurses will sign the raffle tickets, making them also eligible for prizes specific to nursing.  This will be our 3rd Annual Kangaroo-a-thon!
us IA Grinnell UnityPoint Health Des Moines I’m a mom of a 26 weeker! He is now 7 months old (4 months adjusted) and doing amazing.Born at 2lbs 1.5oz now 15.5 lbs! We left the hospital exclusively breastfeeding and still going strong! I roomed in with him during his 88 day NICU start at life and held him skin to skin often. I’ll treasure those moments forever. I want to empower other mamas (and dads) to benefit baby and themselves by doing so too. I also work at a midwife office and will spread word to our patients on May 15th!
On May 15th I plan to:Hold my preemie skin to skin!Post a Facebook status to raise awareness and photos of my husband and I kangarooing our son in the NICU!Set up a display table with educational information at my workplace (which is an OB office) for patients to view!


Donate to the local Kangaroo-a-thon event for current NICU families where parents who kangaroo have a chance to win raffle prizes!

us IL Park Ridge Advocate Children’s Hospital WE are having a kangaroo-a-thon in the NICU at Advocate Children’s Hospital, Park Ridge, IL.
us IN Fort Wayne Lutheran health network Over many years, we have continued to expand how we celebrate kangaroo care day.  We often provide snacks like granola bars and water for the Mother usually wrapped in a soft kangaroo themed blanket.  We have had kangaroo cookies and/or suckers.  We have had all three of our hospitals in Fort Wayne doing kangaroo at the same time and trying to increase the number of families providing it.  We have had and will have again the marquee(signage) by the highway promoting kangaroo care day and providing the benefits.   And television reports of the positive benefits of kangaroo care day.  Looking forward to another great year!
Thanks for all you do in your hospitals to continue to promote it!
us IN Munster The Community Hospital Encourage parent and staff participation throughout the month of May with a big whoopla on the 15th.
Will also check you out on FB.
us LA New Llano Mother of former 27 weeker Even though my preemie is going to be turning 3 next month he still loves his kangaroo care.
us MD Chevy Chase Save the Children Continue to advocate and support countries to implement Kangaroo Care
us NC Raleigh preemie parent By sharing photos of kangaroo care with my micro-preemie daughter.
us NC Winston-Salem Wake Forest Baptist NICU looking forward to it
us NV Reno Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center I will be dressed in a Kangaroo costume at the hospital that day. I will be going around from room to room on the maternal floor and talking with parents about Kangaroo Care.  I will be taking pictures and giving away gift bags on that day. Lots of fun activities for Kangaroo-a-thon, which will run May 1st through May 15th.
us NY Rochester Golisano Children’s Hospital I will be placing a poster about Kangaroo Care: benefits, and encourage mom’s and dad’s to share what it means to them to “Kangaroo” their infant.


I will also be making “Kangaroo Cutout cookies to pass out to our mom’s and dad’s as a treat.  Sending out in a newsletter to each family about May 15th, and asking them to place how many minutes on your Kangaroo Logo they did on the poster.

us OH Cleveland I am having a message sent to all CKCs to celebrate the day.  Susie Ludington
us OH Columbus Ohio Health Educate all new nurses and physicians who join our maternity staff teams.
us OH Toledo Mercy Children’s Hospital Kangaroo a thon in our NICU
us PA Lancaster Lancaster General Health/Penn Medicine Women and Babies Hospital Our NICU is a long time supporter of skin to skin care for our NICU babies and well babies (First Baby Friendly Hospital in PA)  Our NICU will be celebrating our third International Kangaroo Care Day withour hospital picture service taking free photos of parents doing skin to skin care, a Kangaroo theme quilt made by a volunteer raffle, Kangaroo shaped cookies, fruit and juice in parent lounge, bulletin board and nurse raffle for encouraging KC.
us PA Media Riddle Hospital/Main Line Health
us PA Philadelphia The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia We are giving away gifts for families and staff that participate in kangaroo care.


~ Making chocolate treats for staff

~fundraising and trying to bring awareness to unit

us TN Memphis Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women
us TX Austin Hand to Hold Hand to Hold is actively promoting Kangaroo Care Awareness Day (and all the time!) with informative articles and encouragement.
us TX El Paso Del Sol Medical Center We are planning on displaying it throughout the hospital. We are also providing photos to the parents of them providing kangaroo care along with cake and punch to celebrate the day.


We plan on sharing it on our hospital’s Facebook page and also on our internal newsletter.

us TX Houston, NICE “ PREMATURITY WATCH-Circle of Care
us TX Sugar Land Nurtured by Design Volunteer to help hospitals celebrate the day around the world.
us VA Leesburg Inova Loudoun Hospital
us WI Milwaukee march of dimes Yes we host an annual kangaroo a thon that kicks off May 15- runs though the end of May at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin NICU, education, support & learning about Kangaroo care for staff and well as parents, others the importance for mom/dad/& baby(s). This will be our 5th annual.
us WI Shawano Aurora Baycare Medical Center I will continue to encourage the families I work with to do kangaroo care and teach how important it is.
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