The Zaky ZAK® - 2-page training printout

These instructions, features, and warnings include 5 steps to improve safety, quiet access to the baby, session's frequency, duration, and satisfaction of kangaroo care.

By following 5 simple steps, The Zaky ZAK helps reducing errors by providing a simple and easy-to-follow process that decreases human error, decrease the risk of injuries or unplanned extubations, improve satisfaction and standardization of care, consistent experience for the staff/parents/babies through the unit, and maximize the benefits widely documented of kangaroo care.

The 2 page training aid is a detailed process to hold skin-to-skin or while clothed in any hospital unit and at home with babies weighing 1-15 lbs.

1- Easily find the size that provides a perfect fit every time.
2- Wear The Zaky ZAK before moving the baby.
3- Transfer the baby (sitting or standing transfer).
4- Enjoy your session while monitored by another adult.
5- End the session.

Download here - it may take a minute to display.

By downloading this file you agree to the following Fine Print: 

  • No modification of any kind to the file is permitted. If you suggest/need any revisions/edits please contact
  • You receive non-exclusive permission to share and print.
  • You agree to not receive any compensation from the use of the file
  • You agree not to use it for commercial use.
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