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10 Point Checklist for Baby’s Safe Positioning During Kangaroo Care with the Zak ZAK

Positioning during Kangaroo Care is just as important as positioning on the bed.  Here is our 10 Point Checklist for Baby’s Safe Positioning During Kangaroo Care with The Zaky ZAK

  1. Baby is between the parent’s bare breasts, and wearing only diaper (no higher than the belly button). Socks may be worn if the room is too cold. A hat is a must for babies weighing less than 1000 grams.
  2. Baby is strictly vertical and skin-to-skin/chest-to-chest with the parent.
  3. Baby’s head and spine are mid-aligned for proper breathing and comfort.
  4. Legs are flexed and in frog position.
  5. Feet are flexed and toes facing outward.
  6. Arms are flexed to each side and hands are up and by the head
  7. Kangaroo Zak is covering the baby’s back up to the bottom of the baby’s earlobe
  8. Head is in midline and in lateral position and face, nose and mouth are uncovered, unobstructed, and in constant view.
  9. Parent lowers the head and kisses the top of her baby’s head.
  10. Both parent and baby are being watched/ monitored during kangaroo care.
Resting in KC

Bonus Points for Parent:  

  •   Parent is sitting up or reclined (never horizontal, or prone).
  •   On the torso, the parent is only wearing the Kangaroo Zak over the bare skin. May be wearing an open top (shirt, blouse, robe, gown, sweater) over The Zaky ZAK if needed for warmth or comfort.
  •   (Optional) Parent uses The Zaky HUG on the back of the neck to help stabilize the neck while scenting/warming The Zaky to leave with the baby at the end of the kangaroo care session.
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