My thanks for making our story happen.

My thanks for making our story happen.

I am an engineer and solving problems is my profession.  It became personal when I gave birth to Zachary, a former NICU micro-preemie that changed my life personal and professional lives and inspired The Zaky.

As a nurse, therapist, volunteer, doctor, or admin you don't always see immediate results of how you care for babies; however, I am here to tell you that every effort, every time you touch a baby, every minute in kangaroo care, every time you talk to and teach parents make a difference and the results last a lifetime.

Zachary in 2001 with us

Zachary graduating & getting ready to start studying engineering in the Fall. 

Zachary was born at 906 grams, survived a hospital blackout, and was in the NICU during September 11. Professionals like you made our story happen. Like you, they worked hard to make sure that we felt as a family in the NICU; that I was important to his survival and quality of life, that his bones and muscles grew with full range of motion; that he could eat, sleep, grow, and reach each developmental milestone, and all that was important in developing his brain.

Zachary just graduated from high school with excellent grades during this pandemic and will start studying engineering (like me!) in the Fall. I am sharing the yearbook page that we designed about him below.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for the work that you do.
My work at Nurtured by Design with The Zaky is driven by the love I feel for Zachary and the need to apply love, science, and engineering to support babies like him, families like mine, and professionals like you.

Take a look at the science behind The Zaky and give us the opportunity to provide you with the only tools that are proven to work around the clock to reduce errors, reduce pain, promote neuroprotection, bonding, kangaroo care, and breastfeeding. Science, love and your care make a difference:  The Zaky HUG and The Zaky ZAK.
We are approved suppliers at HCA, Ascension, Medline, and others globally. Email us or send the purchase orders to

I also want to invite you to remember Zachary's story if you ever feel discouraged at your job. Thank you for making stories like mine happen every day and all around the world. I will continue to work in providing highly effective and ergonomic tools that are based in love and scientific knowledge. 



Yamile Jackson, PhD, PE, PMP


This is an invitation to a party that will not be,
A graduation celebration to honor Zachary.
We want to thank you NICU friends and family,
For pouring yourselves into our journey.
But stay away, do not get too close,
Consider sending a video or a note.
At this unprecedented time, your thoughts mean so much,
So, send those virtual hugs, with your own special touch.

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