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Separation is painful, especially for a baby. The Zaky will HUG them until you can!

Babies love to be hugged and parents love holding them. 
The Zaky HUG extends the power of your touch when life gets on the way
and for some reason you can't hold them. 

The Zaky HUG is here to provide a soothing surrounding that helps promote sleep by providing reassurance of the touch by shape, weight, scent, and warmth of the parent's touch. The Zaky HUG also provides correct posture that supports the proper musculoskeletal development of your little one.

The Zaky HUG Quick Reference

The Zaky HUG uses the power of touch to simulate the feeling of being held (like a HUG!) to increase melatonin and serotonin, the hormones responsible for exchanging cortisol (stress hormone) for relaxation and calmness. By virtually replacing all other developmental tools, we provide a simple and effective environment that minimizes errors and unnecessary disruptions to sleep.

It is no surprise that for almost 2 decades The Zaky HUG nurtures hospitalized babies/small children and to support their sleep and family bonding.  According to the results of a research, using The Zaky HUG was "effective and easy in reducing pain during invasive and painful procedures."  In a randomized controlled trial, the use of The Zaky HUG "resulted in increased physiologic stability of premature and early term infants through the promotion of self-regulation seen by reduction of stressful behaviors, and decreased apnea, and bradycardia." 

It is Ideal for BACK TO SLEEP and to support falling asleep, just remove The Zaky HUGs once the newborn is sleeping or is unsupervised unless the pediatrician recommends keeping it all night. Older kids can keep The Zaky HUG overnight. 

The containment and comfort reduces the need for swaddling (swaddling is like a straight jacket for babies and it is not developmentally appropriate when used for hours at a time!) 

The Zaky HUG is recommended for any child (or even adults) regardless of size, medical condition or developmental stage. Sometimes all we need is the HUG of a loved one.


One Product. Nurturing Care. One Universal Size.
One Universal and Adjustable Weight.