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The Zaky® is the only brand that offers evidence-based family-integrated, neuroprotective and developmental care devices that are used for first line treatment for non-pharmacologic pain management and safety.  It is engineered to nurture around the clock: The Zaky HUG® on the bed, and The Zaky ZAK® while holding the baby (skin to skin or clothed) and breastfeeding.

We are so confident that you, like thousands of hospital units globally, will immediately experience the value of The Zaky® that we offer a Risk-Free Trial Program.

Here is how our Risk-Free Trial Program works:

1- Click here to fill out and submit the application, schedule a quick zoom call and live demo with Dr. Yamile Jackson (our CEO, Zach's mom, and the Ph.D. licenced professional ergonomics engineer that designed The Zaky®.)
2- We will arrange to send your trial order of The Zaky® with the number of products you need and an invoice payable at the end of the trial.
3- At the end of the trial you may pay for them and keep them for implementation, or, if you are not 100% satisfied, you may return them and pay nothing (yes, we will also pay for the shipping fee to return them) 

Our Commitment:

For babies and parents that use The Zaky® devices as recommended by Nurtured by Design:

  • The Zaky® improves patient safety, breastfeeding rates, and healthcare/developmental/neuroprotective/bonding outcomes.
  • The Zaky® reduces the risk of infants' falls and injuries.
  • The Zaky® reduces errors and the cost of healthcare.
  • The Zaky® improves the satisfaction of parents, patients, and staff.

Questions? Contact us or email sales@thezaky.com