What to do after mat leave? 4 criteria to figure it out

New parents across the country struggle with the dilemma: should I stay or should I go? This question has infinite answers, all unique, none invalid.

Our founder, Yamile, inspired this post. She holds a PhD in ergonomics engineering and had a successful career in Houston’s oil industry before little Zachary was born. He underwent a hospital evacuation due to the impact of tropical storm Allison… as a preemie. (learn the story)

Yamile felt the pain of a mother “abandoning” her baby at the NICU (parents aren’t allowed to sleep at many hospitals). She also had the knowledge in ergonomics to design The Zaky HUG (Learn more about it).

Zachary’s birth was so complicated, that Yamile resigned to her promising career in oil engineering. She was grateful for Larry’s career, that could afford her staying with preemie Zachary. She continues contributing professionally to the world through this brand.

Yamile’s situation was unique, as it is yours, but there are 4 criteria that might help you create the solution that best works for you:

Welcome any decision: There’s no wrong answer so let’s take the pressure off. The Urban Child Institute, a non-profit expert in early development, states that “research shows that child care, even during infancy, does not interfere with this bond (parenting)”.

Acknowledge your intuition: Even if you don’t “obey it” acknowledging it helps dealing with the emotional side of the decision.

Balance additional factors: Run the numbers, pay attention to your emotions once you go back to work, consider asking employers of all the caregivers for creative arrangements.

Factor time: Organizing your time in the short- and long-term can help you eventually accomplishing all of your goals. You don’t have to accomplish them all today.

Yamile created this award-winning product, The Zaky HUG, because she was both a mother and an engineer. She hopes that women continue cultivating their professional talents, even if that involves a pause in their careers. Regardless of your decision she aims that The Zaky HUG helps your baby feel soothed and loved even when you can’t be there.

What other criteria are you using? Tell us about it @TheZaky #TheZakyMatL! Twitter: Read our post and join the convo!

What criteria are you using to make decisions after mat leave? #TheZakyMatL

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