The Zaky System: The Zaky ZAK and The Zaky HUG - from delivery to discharge

The Zaky System: The Zaky ZAK and The Zaky HUG - from delivery to discharge

- Improve healthcare outcomes:
    • Provide evidence-based developmental and neuroprotective care for every baby in the NICU.
    • Increase eligibility, rates, and safety of skin to skin contact program
    • Increase Breastfeeding success
    • The Zaky System (The Zaky HUG and The Zaky ZAK) is designed for every baby, regardless of size, medical condition or developmental stage (including NAS and those difficult to console).

    -  Reduce cost:

    • One pair of The Zaky HUG virtually replaces all the tools used for containment, boundaries, attachment/bonding, prone/side/supine positioning, nesting, transition, soothing.
    • By reducing the number of devices used in the NICU, The Zaky System reduces errors caused by the staff while we exchange the selection of devices from personal preference to evidence-based.
    • The Zaky ZAK is designed to reduce the risk of accidental falls and equipment dislodging while the baby is being held by parents (skin to skin) or volunteers (adult clothed).
    • Supply chain (Inventory, Storage, Training, Quality Control, etc.) is streamlined and optimized when only one multi-functional system is used. The Zaky HUG comes in one universal size and weight, and is versatile to provide individualized care for each patient. The ZAKY ZAK is unisex and comes in 3 sizes that each adjusts to 3 sizes.

    -  Improve patient, family, and staff satisfaction:

    • The Zaky System has been in the market for 15+ years and there is evidence of their benefits. Parents, babies, and our staff love it and any adult quickly becomes proficient in their use. Confidence improves, positive parental intervention increases, and hospital administration knows it is providing the best devices in the market that improve the quality of life not only during hospitalization but for a lifetime.
    but for a lifetime.
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