Did you enter the wrong shipping address or the package is returned undelivered?

We know that our customers want to receive The Zaky as soon as possible so our team works diligently to process the orders within one business day even though our policy is three business days.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 the packages may be delayed so use the tracking information provided. 

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions related to shipping and what we can do about it.


 I entered the wrong address, what can I do? 

Answer:  It many not be problem depending on when you realize it was entered wrong.  As soon as you notice the wrong address please send a message to orders@thezaky.com with the order number and the request to change the address. 

If the package has not been picked up by the carrier (USPS or Fedex): If the package has not been picked up by the carrier we are able to change the address, however, there is a small possibility that it may delay the shipping one business day. 

If the package was picked up by Fedex: You or we may call Fedex with the tracking number and request them to change the delivery address before they make an attempt to deliver.  Fedex may also call the phone number provided during checkout. When we process the order we request Fedex to send a notification to your email address if there is a problem (called Delivery Exception) then you will receive an email. If it is because of a wrong address then you may visit their website's customer support  or call your country's Fedex and provide the correct information

If the package was picked up by USPS: Unfortunately, USPS will return the package to us if the address is not found.



The package was undelivered and is being returned by the carrier. Now what?

We realize how frustrating this may be for our customers and we apologize for any inconvenience.  If the package is return because we made a mistake then we will ship again at no cost to you.  If the address was used as provided to us then email orders@thezaky.com with your order number and let us know if you would like to resend or refund:

We will send you an invoice so you can provide the correct shipping information and pay for a new shipping charge. We do not have to wait to receive the package returned to ship.

We hope you don't choose this option, but can refund the cost of the items (not shipping). Please note that it may take several days for us to receive the item from the carrier and to mark it returned to issue the refund.


Your satisfaction is our priority so please contact us or email us at orders@thezaky.com  if you have any questions. Make sure to include your order number if you have one.


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