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The Zaky Experience in NICUs

Welcome to The Zaky Experience for Mother-baby, neonatal, and pediatric units

Dear fellow NPN leader: Let's find ways to collaborate!  We have some ideas so let's talk.

First and foremost, THANK YOU for the work that you do taking care of families in the NICU (like mine once was). You care for families teaching them how to care for their baby and making sure the babies have the best change of life and grow feeling loved.  

The ICU, especially during COVID-19 is a lonely place for patients forced into isolation, often with limited nurturing touch and contact with family. 

I am an engineer so I am a problem solver.  5 months in 2 different NICUs with my son, my love for science, and the promise I made to Zachary, make me uniquely qualified to develop The Zaky to promote sleep and the physical, psychological, physiological, and neurological development. The Zaky is arguably the most valuable and most effective solution to calm, comfort, and nurture babies and small children that are hospitalized or under medical care.


Like adults, babies that are relaxed also sleep better, hurt less, eat better, breath better, require less medication, so they can grow, heal, and develop the brain. The best place is on the parent's chest, skin-to-skin (see poster here).  All these also reduces the stress of the mother and a relaxed mother calms her baby more effectively, gains confidence, and produces more and better milk. 

The Zaky is engineered for around the clock #ZeroSeparation and to translate evidence into practice to improve the quality of life of babies, families, and clinicians.

The Zaky has tools that enable clinicians and parents to provide around the clock neuroprotective developmental care, developmental care, family-centered care, and empathetic trauma informed care.

Here is a brief overview of the products in The Zaky line:

The Zaky ZAK

Holding your own baby is easy.  Holding your baby in the ICU when so much is at stake, not so much.

The Zaky ZAK® is the evidence-based device engineered to hold babies skin to skin or clothed, in any hospital unit and at home.

It provides an ergonomic micro-environment for safety, warmth, love, healing, nutrition, development, growth, and protection. 

The simple, adjustable, quiet and easy to access, strong, and effective design minimizes human errors, reduces risks, and provides a predictable and safe experience for parent and patient before, during, and after holding.

Studies show significant improvement of duration, frequency, parent satisfaction for patients with heart disease, and term-babies after going home.  

Learn more about The Zaky ZAK® 

and the  clinical evidence using or evaluating The Zaky ZAK.


The Zaky HUG extends your touch by simulating the shape, weight, scent, and touch of your hands and arms that HUG and comfort the baby while not being held.

During holding, parents use as a neck roll to scent/warm it with their own skin.  Leave it with the baby when the session ends to make it a bit easier to separate from the baby, and to provide evidence-based neuroprotective care while not being held.

One universal weight and size allows you to provide individualized care to all babies, and virtually replace all other developmental care devices:  nests, rolls, positioners, attachment aids, transitional aids, comfort aids, etc. to keep a predictable environment where patients can sleep.

Learn more about 

The Zaky HUG and the clinical evidence that evaluated The Zaky HUG.



The Zaky ZEN® is our organic and natural wellness and skin care line for babies and those who love them. 

For example, use The Zaky ZEN organic soap to cleanse and soothe your skin preparing it to scent The Zaky HUG or to hold your baby with The Zaky ZAK. 

Wear The Zaky ZAK to hold the baby immediately before or/and after the baby’s bath using the baby bath tea.


The Zaky mobile app is for new parents of hospitalized infants, those being discharged, or at home.

Track and log kangaroo care/skin-to-skin contact, feeding, sleep, growth, hygiene and other activities.  With the “baby’s group” you collaborate with your guests to track, view, write notes, and journal. 

Educational modules are created by experts specifically for parents.

The Zaky app is free, and in English, Spanish, and French.  Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Nurtured by Design.



The Zaky is arguably the most effective, natural, nurturing, and cost-effective way (with immediate - and long- term results) to improve the quality of care of the babies and families and to make the ICU more family centered:

  • The Zaky improves the satisfaction of patients, parents, and staff
  • The Zaky improves self-regulation, healthcare, safety, and developmental outcomes, and
  • The Zaky reduces the cost of care. 

Your patients are someone's baby, and parents give them love and show them there is a reason to fight to survive (or at least give them the opportunity to feel loved while they are here). 

Love and scientific knowledge light our way.

 I invite you to watch the video from Oprah (7min) to see why I am here supporting babies like Zach, families like ours, and professionals like you.

Thank you, and remember to always stay in touch!

Yamile Jackson, PhD, PE, PMP
CEO, Nurtured by Design
Family-owned and operated.
Member of the NICU Parent Network (NPN)

Oprah Video (7min) about the story behind The Zaky

The HUFFPOST video (2min) shows The Zaky HUG in the NICU.




Do you celebrate the International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day (aka Kangaroo Care Day)? 
It started on May 15th, 2010 by our CEO as part of our The Zaky Cares program to raise awareness and promote kangaroo care.  It is now celebrated in every continent.



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