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POSTER: Application of a Risk Management Framework to Parent Sleep During Skin-to-Skin Care in the NICU

Weber, A 1, Oudat, Q 1, Remer, S 2, Voos, K 2, Jackson, Y 3, Elder, M 4, Parikh, N 4, Kaplan, H 4, Hofherr, J 5
1 University of Cincinnati College of Nursing, 2 Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, 3 Nurtured by Design, 4 Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, 5 Nationwide Children’s Hospital


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Ashley M. Weber, Yamile C. Jackson, Mason R. Elder, Sarah L. Remer, Nehal A. Parikh, Jennifer J. Hofherr, Kristin C. Voos, and Heather C. Kaplan



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