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The Zaky Annual Giveaway - We had 100 winners, we are adding 20 more!

The Zaky Kangaroo and Joey toy

We had our annual GIVEAWAY (on behalf of Zachary) to celebrate Kangaroo Care Day and it was a success!

Click here to register for one last opportunity.

This year we went big because Zachary turns 20 years old and is the 10th anniversary of Kangaroo Care Day.

Registration is closed but we will soon announce other fun events.

Did you win one of the 100 adorable 8 inch tall Kangaroo/Joey plush toy?  (the baby can turn around and face the mom).

Decorate your office, raffle it during kangaroo care day on May 15th (www.kangaroo.care), give it to a mom, a baby, or colleague that could use some encouragement and a smile.  See it or buy here

If you registered, are you a winner?

  Click here to check

10 bemerkungen
durch Marcy auf April 29, 2021

Zaky has been a big park of my daughter’s life, even 2 and a half years later. It’s a life long friend and comforter.

durch Maureen O'Reilly auf April 29, 2021

Zakys is an essential part of our nursery care. Happy 20th, Zak!

durch Jody Hahn auf April 29, 2021

Love the Zaky hand and the story! So important to connect moms and babies at such a critical time of life for both (and dads, too!)🥰

durch Maureen O'Reilly auf April 29, 2021

Our small community hospital Special Care Nursery uses Zakys to comfort a wide array of small patients. Kangaroo Care day is special around here!

durch Rachel auf April 29, 2021


I am trying to register to win the giveaway, but there is nowhere to fill in my information

durch Donna Myers auf April 29, 2021

Zakys are used frequently in our level II NICU. Parents, babies and staff love them.

durch Laura Harden auf April 29, 2021

Kangaroo care is an immensely important treatment/therapy in our 61 bed NICU Level III. So much has changed and improved for parental involvement since my 33 week twins were in the NICU over 25 years ago. I reflect on my own feelings as a parent way back then, separated from my babies. I use this experience to facilitate and promote bonding for all families.

durch Senobia Campbell auf April 29, 2021

Will donate on my unit

durch Kathleen Vreeken auf April 29, 2021

I love Zaky; and bought my first one when my daughter was expecting and Henry was born as a premie.

Now my granddaughter is about to have her first child and a Zaky couldn’t be more perfect in these pandemic times.

Thank you!

durch Kaylee Moore auf April 29, 2021

Hello, I have been attempting to register for The Giveway. I cannot seem to register. Any solutions to this problem? I keep getting redirected back to the Giveaway page and not a registration form. I would love to win one of the kangaroos for a NICU mom when we celebrate Kangaroo Care Day!


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