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Hours of Kangaroo Care Globally during Kangaroo Care Day! For Parents - Register your baby for this ONE DAY CHALLENGE!

For the 2018 Kangaroo Care Day, we are joining forces with parents and parents organizations to show where and count how many hours babies are held skin to skin in all hospitals globally on May 15th.  Click here for information and to register

Parents, Click here for the ONE DAY Challenge

click here for the Challenge for NICUs

Click here if you are a parent or NICU staff that want to join Kangaroo Care Day but not participate in a contest


I am Yamile, a native of Colombia and I dedicate my professional life helping babies and parents. I helped save my micro-preemie, Zachary, by holding him in Kangaroo Care for hours in the NICU, including when a flood shut down the power to all life-support equipment in 2001 in Houston. I founded Nurtured by Design, the only ergonomics engineering firm dedicated to family centered developmental care and kangaroo care.

This is Zachary now, 16 years old, with his dog Lucas.
He is my CIO, Chief Inspirational Officer and at
Nurtured by Design we work on his behalf!

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Parent organizations that support the Kangaroo Care Day and the ONE DAY CHALLENGE:

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