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The Zaky ZAK
The Zaky ZAK
The Zaky ZAK
The Zaky ZAK
The Zaky ZAK
The Zaky ZAK
The Zaky ZAK
The Zaky ZAK
The Zaky ZAK
The Zaky ZAK
The Zaky ZAK
The Zaky ZAK
The Zaky ZAK
The Zaky ZAK
The Zaky ZAK
The Zaky ZAK
The Zaky ZAK
The Zaky ZAK
The Zaky ZAK
The Zaky ZAK
The Zaky ZAK
The Zaky ZAK
The Zaky ZAK
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The Zaky ZAK

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    The Zaky ZAK (previously known as Kangaroo Zak) is the award-winning ergonomic device for skin to skin contact and kangaroo care from birth until 3 months until due date. 

    Designed by Yamile Jackson, a native of Colombia living in Texas, a PhD in ergonomics engineering and [kangaroo] mother of Zachary.

    It is ergonomically designed for the golden hour at Labor and Delivery, Operating Room, then in Post Partum, NICU, and all other hospital units, caregiving facilities, and homes to hold one, two, or three babies weighing up to 15 lbs. 

    The Zaky ZAK is the only device engineered to support the baby even in the event that the parent falls asleep during kangaroo care. 

    Metal or no metal in zipper?  "No metal" uses YKK® zippers, last longer and are stronger - they can also be used for c-section in the operating room.

    Cotton is washable inside the wash bag that is included. Wash every 3-5 sessions or when soiled.


    Parents wear it with nothing underneath for skin to skin; all others that do not have consent from the parents to do skin to skin then they wear the ZAK over the clothes. 

    The Zaky ZAK is soft, breathable, stretchy and strapless top made with natural fibers that wraps around the torso of the adult (it is unisex) and closes in front to the side with an adjustable zipper.

    It provides safe, comfortable, hands-free kangaroo (skin-to-skin) sessions while sitting, reclined. Keep your hands over the baby while walking or standing. 

    The zippers are quiet and allow for a perfect fit and to partially open the ZAK for interventions, breastfeeding, and allow the baby to move while awake.

    It supports standing and sitting transfer and allows for full access to the baby in an instant, quietly, and with minimal disruption.

    The Zaky ZAK is used in hospitals since 2010 to support preemies and full term newborns up to 14 lbs in hospitals  and thousands of homes globally. Holds one, two, or three babies securely without sliding.

    Please consult with your healthcare provider about doing Kangaroo Care, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, WHO, UNICEF, etc.

    SIZING of The Zaky ZAK: Sizing is determined by the chest size (Take measurement up under the arms and around the chest).  The Zaky ZAK will stretch to contain the baby. For bigger babies, twins, add one size.



    • Adults of any size, and babies from birth at any gestational age, up to 14 lbs.
    • It is the only ergonomic device designed to hold babies in any unit of the hospital
    • Ergonomically designed for babies (and parents) of any size, medical condition, or developmental stage that has green light to hold the baby.


    • Babywearing strapless top for skin-to-skin contact/kangaroo care with a warm natural, antiallergenic fabric.
    • Features that facilitate skin to skin for Golden Hours (at delivery or Operating Room) - 2 hours is recommended for those moms that want to feed exclusively by breastfeed the baby.
    • Skin-to-skin contact from the baby's head to toes, prevents air-drafts that disturb the baby.
    • Washable inside the laundry bag that is included. Wash every 3-5 sessions or when soiled.
    • Follows the same laundry protocol used for other cotton clothing.
    • Made from natural fibers, soft, safe, breathable and non-restricting fabrics for ultimate comfort and support
    • Recommended by Kangaroo Care and Skin-to-Skin Professionals globally
    • Ideal for adults that need help holding the weight of the baby and that may fall asleep while holding
    • Zippers are quiet, can be partially opened, they are extremely safe, and operate with minimum disruption to the baby. 
    • Zipper can be partially opened for breastfeeding, pumping, perform interventions, or allow the baby to move and explore while awake (unless is medically necessary to keep the baby still)
    • May be worn alone as the fabric is soft and thick providing full coverage to the breasts, or with an open sweater or shirt if it is cold.
    • Moms, dads, and anyone authorized by the parents hold skin to skin. 
    • Others (volunteer cuddlers, and staff) keep the clothes on.  Reduces swaddling and increases warmth and positive sensorial stimulation of babies. 
    • In emergency by any adult if incubators lose power.
    • Provides proper containment, and when used in the correct size, it helps prevent unplanned extubations of babies in intensive care during kangaroo care.

      Care for The Zaky HUG
      For your comfort, our products are easy care.

      1. Before Use: Wash it in its washing bag with unscented soap, if available.
      2. During-Use: Wash it every week, or as needed.
      3. Storage: Store it in its washing bag, as you would store baby clothes, and away from artificial scents.


      1. Wash it: in its washing bag with unscented soap, before use and as often as you wash baby sheets.
      2. Wear it: after cleaning your skin with unscented or organic soap (soap bar or body wash are available from The Zaky ZEN) wear The Zaky HUG around your neck or behind the neck for an hour, or hug it while you sleep after each wash.
      3. Warm it: in a towel warmer, the dryer or holding it to your skin.
      4. Work it: adjust the filling to mimic the pressure of your touch. Position your baby first and then The Zaky HUGs as you'd position your arms. Remove when newborns are asleep or you leave the room.  Your pediatrician can tell you when the child can sleep with them all night.
      1. Don’t mask your scent: with commercial soaps with chemicals or fragrances on you or The Zaky HUG.  Use our natural/organic products from The Zaky ZEN.
      2. Don’t cover baby’s airways: position The Zaky HUG away from the face
      3. Don’t use it through the night during back to sleep age: Remove after the baby is asleep or you leave the room.  We abide the American Association of Pediatricians ‘Back to Sleep’ guidelines, unless otherwise recommended by the baby's pediatrician. 

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