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The Zaky ZAK is patented and is NOT involved in any legal disputes

by Yamile Jackson

A disturbing rumor came to my attention that my "The Zaky ZAK is involved in a lawsuit and that soon will be taken out of the market" - this is NOT true.

While the KangaROO Kuddler™ by Dandlelion is out of the market because of a lawsuit by SleepBelt/Joey Band, we are not involved in any legal issues.  (If you used the KangaROO Kuddler contact us for an offer.)

On the contrary, we are growing at a very rapid pace globally, we received a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to advance Kangaroo Care Implementation, and we are the leaders of Kangaroo Care in hospitals.

In 2001 I had my son, Zachary, and spent countless hours kangarooing him when he was born weighing less than 2 lbs. I used my PhD in ergonomics and human factors engineering to design The Zaky ZAK, a safety wrap/device specific for skin to skin/kangaroo care for NICUs and all hospital units with newborns and then at home.

The Zaky ZAK is patented by Nurtured by Design since 2010.  Do not accept imitations.

If you would like to request a risk-free trial, please click here.

For a live or video demonstration of The Zaky, a free consultation, a comparison with other products and what makes The Zaky ZAK superior, or and/or pricing info simply email me or contact us

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  • The Zaky is probably the best soothing device I have been a witness of.
    One young mother used it for her little girl named Mathilde . Mathilde unfortunately needed countless surgeries and could not find a way to calm down when stressed. When she used the Zaky she immediately felt her Mom s présence and felt much better. The Zaky became her best friend and never leaves her bed.
    MAthilde is now growing fast but never goes to the hospital without Zaky.

    Audree Mevellec

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