Nurturing Finn with the The Zaky ZAK – Boulder, Colorado, USA

Below are some photos of me and my husband with our son Finn in his The Zaky ZAK. My sister purchased one for us after our son was born so that we could hold him more comfortably.
Finn only weighed 650 grams at birth so picking him up was a scary experience the first time. The Zaky ZAK gave us the added confidence and security to know that Finn would be safe while we held him. As a mother, your first instinct is to hold your child skin to skin. When you go through the trauma of having a 24 week baby nothing is natural. With the The Zaky ZAK everything about our situation being scary and traumatic melted away and we were able to experience the closeness with our son. We’ll always be grateful for the The Zaky ZAK!
We delivered at UC Health in Aurora, CO. They have since adopted a policy that all babies born under a certain weight and/or gestational age require a The Zaky ZAK to hold the baby.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your product!
Theresa Adams
Boulder, Colorado
Holding Finn with The Zaky ZAKHolding Finn with The Zaky ZAK

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