Family Centered Developmental Care with The Zaky HUG - Instructional Videos

The Zaky HUG virtually replaces all devices for developmental care on the bed or in the incubator.
  • Easy to learn and to use: Nurse educators love our The Zaky HUG as it is very intuitive, it reduces errors, and improves satisfaction of families and staff. Position the baby with your own hands and use The Zaky HUG keep the position and achieve proper posture.
  • Proper positioning is easy and effective to support proper musculoskeletal development. Prone, supine, side-lying.
  • Attachment/Bonding - Parent scents The Zaky HUG by placing it directly on the skin of the chest or behind the neck for an hour or more.
  • Nesting with The Zaky includes supporting all the body, and it can be used to nest in any position.
  • Containment and boundaries: Rule of thumb is to place 10-15% of the weight of the baby over the body.  Shift the filling to go from several grams to 500 grams.
  • As a transitional aid, The Zaky HUG helps babies when they change environments within the hospital or going home.
  • As a soothing aid, The Zaky HUG soothes babies many times without the need of swaddling.
  • Family Centered Care: It is the perfect support to parents as they learn about developmental care, and have the opportunity to use The Zaky HUG to extend their presence when they cannot be there to hold with The Zaky ZAK.
  • While in Kangaroo Care: place The Zaky HUG behind the neck to help stabilize the neck of the parent. This scents and warms The Zaky HUG to leave with the baby after the session ends while helping the parent/child separate from each other.
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