It's time to download The Zaky mobile app!

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We purposely do not want to give you any instructions on how to use the app. We want you to tell us about your experience as the user, if it is easy to use, and if you found features on your own.

Save this page ( to keep the instructions and submit comments on the bottom or email

Please use the app for at least 5 minutes a day from now until January 4th, 2021  exploring all the features of the app and documenting if you find any bugs/problems, what you think is missing, how to improve the app. 


After you register a born baby (ies), invite Yamile Jackson ( to one or all of your baby's group (hint: item #4 in the dashboard tour) and select any relationship and any activities you want to share. contact us below if you can’t find how to do it. 


When you open an account please give it a couple of minutes when it asks to verify the email as it sometimes lands in the junk/spam folder

(OPTIONAL) For those interested,  you are invited to join the Facebook® private group to share everyone's experience, ask questions; etc. 

FINAL STEP:  We will send you a quick survey in a couple of weeks to learn about your feedback and experience. 

Thanks for testing the app and for joining this effort.

IN APPRECIATION, We will raffle fifty $30 gift certificates of The Zaky ZAK or The Zaky HUG to those that complete the testing, add us as a guest member in the baby’s  group, and submit the final survey.

The gift certificate is for The Zaky website or hospital purchase of The Zaky.

Here is the link to The Zaky mobile app

Link for iPhone, iPad users:

Link for Android users:



Questions, comments, suggestions?  Email or contact us below.